No-Fuss Unstructured Blazers


Sometimes wearing a blazer doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time getting ready to leave the house. In fact, I really recommend grabbing an unstructured blazer, which is wearable with practically any outfit for a quick, professional-yet-casual look that'll work great for you all day long. 


An unstructured navy sport coat is like a good diver watch—a wardrobe workhorse that looks appropriate in any number of situations. Soft-shouldered and slightly relaxed, it exemplifies the current movement of "dressed down tailoring" that's defining the way stylish men want to dress these days. They're the kind of jackets that are ideal for the coming spring but make easy work out of layering when the weather's harsh. A blue blazer without the blue blood stuffiness, today's best versions are cut from a washed cotton, which gives your entire look a relaxed, rumpled elegance. Read More

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