No More Cabana Fees or Fights at Tradewinds Resort

Beach cabanas

tradewinds resort

Go to St. Pete Beach on any beautiful day and you'll quickly find that there's not a lot of space for you and your family to spread out and get comfortable.  If you had the foresight to get up at 5am and stake your claim, you could get a nice spot, but who wants to do that on vacation?  Vacations are for relaxation, not territory wars.

Tradewinds Resort has introduced a solution to this problem.  You can now reserve a cabana in advance.  No longer will you have to rise with the sun in order to claim your plot of beach.  You don't even need to call a concierge or the front desk.  You can simply book it online at  It's free for people staying at the resort, so there's no reason not to do it.  People not staying at the resort can also reserve a cabana and enjoy all the amenities of the resort for a day, for a small fee.

tradewinds resort

Cabanas at sunset


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