Nocturn Luxury Poker Box - Mother of all Pearl
By: Paul Miller   |    Manager | Lancelot Lancaster White
October 7, 2012   |   0 Comments


Lancelot Lancaster White, makers of the world's finest luxury poker boxes was honoured last year to be awrded Best of the Best by Robb Report and are pleased to present the upgraded Mysterio, Nocturn Luxury Poker Box.

This edition limited to 10 pieces is entirely handmade in the United Kingdom using traditional methods and modern techniques blended with rich & fabulous materials. Excellentia Super Omnia is the company motto and it really excells in the realisation of the Mysterio Luxury Poker Box.

The Nocturn box features mother of pearl inlay on the top and is complimented by sterling silver fitments throughout. A unique feature of the poker box is the Evaluator [designed by LLW] allowing players to change the chip values.

The lock that keeps safe all that is precious in the poker box is based on an original design and is still made by Bramah circa 1784.

This elegant, chic poker box is the must have article for a contemporary world, and arrives snuggled inside its own handmade velvet bag and protected by a flight certified travel case.

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