Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Thank-You Notes

One of the best and most effective ways to show your gratitude towards someone’s thoughtful gesture is to say thank you. There are many things that could warrant and thank you, such as a polite gesture, an act of kindness or even receiving a gift. There are many ways to say thank you to someone, especially when they have taken the time and effort to buy you a present to commemorate a special day, or have attending a special function of yours. Verbal thank you suffice in many cases, but physical thank-you notes are always a more personal and memorable way to offer your gratitude towards someone. Here are some questions you may have about thank you notes. On what occasions should I send a thank you note? Thank you notes can be sent at any time when a thoughtful gesture has been made. But there are a few occasions that absolutely warrant a thank you note. They are: ü  When someone has gifted you something in your personal or business life ü  When someone has put you up in their home ü  If someone has hosted an event for you ü  If someone has sent you a condolence letter, card, or flowers ü  When someone has helped you in some way Is there a time-frame within which I should say thank you? It is very easy to get caught up in a routine in your professional or personal life and keep pushing the task of sending out thank you notes further and further down on the priority scale. Ideally, you should send your thank you notes immediately, but a common practice is to send out your thank you notes within 3 months of when you received your gift or thoughtful gesture. The quicker you send it, the better impact it will create. Is it necessary to send out a hand-written note? Hand-written thank you notes do tend to add a special personal touch to your gesture. That of course depends on the occasion and the person in question. For instance, consider sending out hand-written thank you notes to close family and friends. But for business associates, partners, or anything with a professional connotation, a more formal thank you note would be in order. What is more important is that you realize the importance and the need to send out thank you notes in the first place. What should my thank you notes say? Your thank you notes should be warm, genuine, and sincere. If your notes are personal, specifically mentioning a gift or a grand gesture that you were avoided, this is outstanding. Make your note more about the person you are sending it to, and less about you. Is it necessary to thank everyone individually? Sending out mass thank you notes tend to make it look like you are just completing a tedious formality and that you don’t actually value the gift or gesture that was sent your way. Sending out group thank you notes are only ok when the entire group is bound together by circumstance or geography.

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