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Great Britain is blessed with many things, including a resilient and indomitable people, as well as many traditions that go back for centuries. Its history is the very fabric of a great part of Western civilization. Often challenged, but never defeated, Great Britain has repelled invaders for centuries. If one stops to think about it, it has been over 1000 years since anyone has reached its shores. With all this military success and conquest, the British are obviously extremely proud of their heritage, and tend to commemorate it, not letting the younger generations forget where they came from. This is extremely important in the modern age. On the one hand, Great Britain has not been involved in any significant conflicts for almost 70 years, so that virtually none of the generations today can remember the trials and tribulations from the last world conflict. Also, the country has seen a huge wave of immigration from various parts the world. This has allowed the country to evolve with a multi-cultural identity, while at the same time diluting a little bit what truly has historically been British. While many of the newly arrived immigrants quickly assimilate into the British culture, they often retain many legacies of their homeland. The rise of the Internet, and all of the information that it contains, is a powerful tool with which British the youth of today can remain aware of where they came from, and the deeds that their ancestors accomplished.


Whether native or immigrant, people in Great Britain have adapted to the local weather conditions, which can get awfully blustery at times. When in Great Britain, one needs to always be prepared for changing weather conditions, and when the winter months approach, be prepared to endure with cold and snowy conditions. But it has been this way for centuries, if not millennia, and the British people adapted to their weather a long, long time ago. That is probably one reason why there are so many outstanding British clothing manufacturers, who specialize in outdoor wear which is rugged, resilient and lasts a very long time. If one is looking for a classic way to protect themselves from the blasts of British winter weather, the best choice is Coes mens Barbour jackets. Men for generations have counted on these highly resistant coats to protect themselves from inclement weather, and now you can too.


A Company Steeped in History


J. Barbour & Sons is a name that is recognized not only across Great Britain, not only across Europe, but also throughout North America and basically the rest of the civilized world. Not bad for a firm that was founded only 120 years ago in South Shields, and which opened its first London store almost 100 years ago. They made their reputation with their waxed coats, which were both extremely sturdy and outstanding at repelling water. As the modern world lurched forward, and progress was made on several fronts, the firm kept introducing new coats to be used in specific situations. Among the highlights:


In the 1920s, the automobile began to become popular, Barbour introduced what they called the Yoeman’s Riding Apron, which was a truly full-length coat originally designed for horseback riding. But the modern newfangled automobiles, which were often open to the elements, provided the perfect opportunity to introduce the coat that offered complete protection.

In 1936, the firm produced a one-piece suit specifically for the International Six-Day Trials motorcycle racing event. It featured belted cuffs on the sleeves and legs, so that the driver would not get bothered by any excess fabric flapping in the wind as they raced by.

A submarine commander named George Phillips was so impressed with the motorcycle suit, that he asked Barbour to design a version in two pieces. The result was the Ursula jacket, which became standard issue for all British submariners during World War II.

By the early 1950s, the Barbour motorcycle jacket, commonly referred to as the International, was the riding suit of choice for most motorcyclists. At the time, the Vincent was known as the fastest motorcycle brand, and the Vincent Owners Club adopted the International as their official uniform.


Staying Modern and Current

Barbour has managed to continually reinvent itself over time. This sixth generation family business has expanded its line beyond coats, and now produces over 2,000 different items, including sweaters, gloves and scarves. You too can be part of this grand tradition by owning your very own Coes mens Barbour jackets.


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