OJ Simpson trial to be re-examined by a new film

Simpson and Rogers


A new film airing on the Investigation Discovery network this Wednesday makes the claim that OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  In the film, My Brother the Serial Killer, Clay Rogers makes the case that lives were taken not by Simpson, but by Clay Roger's brother Glen Rogers, who knew both OJ and Nicole.  Glen Rogers even admitted to the murders after his arrest in November 1995.  Wow... this film is bound to open more wounds and debate, but I must say I am very intrigued.  Will you watch?

Is O.J. Simpson innocent of murder after all? An explosive new documentary suggests that he is.

In the film "My Brother the Serial Killer," set to air Wednesday on the Investigation Discovery network, Clay Rogers, the brother of convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, claims Glen murdered Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman—the pair Simpson was accused—and controversially acquitted—of slaying in 1995.  Read more about the film at Yahoo! News.


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