On the Hunt: Landing a High Profile Job with a Luxury Brand

From famous fashion houses to small artisan boutiques, landing a high profile job with a luxury brand is often the first step towards building a rewarding and fulfilling career. As these positions are so highly sought after by applicants from across the globe, would-be employees will likely have their applications vetted by several members of a human resources team before receiving an employment offer.

This competitive atmosphere makes it essential for you to understand the unique ins and outs of working in the luxury industry.

Working from the Ground Up

Just like so many other industries, luxury firms most often hire from within. While this phenomenon does not necessarily exclude new jobseekers from obtaining high profile positions, it does mean candidates may need to lower their initial expectations. Starting in a lowly position on the proverbial job ladder may be unappealing, but it often pays off handsomely in the long run.

Emphasizing One’s Background

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools available to you is your personal resume. Luxury brands are inundated with job applications when a position becomes available, making it essential to ensure your resume outshines its competition.

Use professional resume services to ensure yours is not only up to par, but also stands out from the competition. Whether you’re applying for a top-tier fashion job or freshening up federal resumes for government work, as a high profile job candidate, you’ll often find greater success using a resume that has been professionally edited and polished.

Building a Network

Obtaining a position with a luxury brand can be simplified by creating networking habits that are professional and effective. Instead of publishing public ads looking for executive and management staff, many luxury groups instead disperse hiring information through internal channels. Only after reaching to existing personnel does an opening reach the outside.

While building strong business connections within the luxury industry can prove quite lucrative, networking in this field is often rather challenging. If you’ve never before worked in the field, you should consider internships and assistantships — even those that are unpaid — before launching a full-scale job hunt. Not only will these positions give you a better grasp on the inner workings of the industry, but they can also prove invaluable for making connections and building relationships.

Obtaining a high profile job within the luxury industry is a formidable challenge. Regardless of whether you’re armed with years of experience or only just beginning in the field, it is vital to pay your dues and continually work to build clout and recognition with industry experts. Not only will this help solidify your chances of securing a new job, but it can also provide insight on the luxury industry as a whole. 

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