On Trend: Nude Pumps

There have been calls for Kate Middleton to put down the nude pumps and back away slowly, after our Duchess’ many appearances in these stylish go-tos. But we think they’re wrong. Nude pumps are a gift that just keeps on giving, and should be a fashion staple in any girl’s shoe rack.

Kate has got the right idea. With nude pumps, it’s almost impossible make a fashion faux pas – they are the new black – and match with almost anything.

Follow in Kate’s footsteps and go for a gorgeous nude, patent leather. This will save you time agonising over the perfect shoe to wear with your outfit. These shoes are immune to the seasonal shifts, so you can put them on all year round!

In fact, we might go out on a limb and call this the “perfect heel.”

Legs Longer, Fast!

For those of us without legs up to our neck, nude pumps are a magical accessory to be matched with short skirts and dresses. The colour of the shoe blends in with your skin tone, creating an optical illusion that your legs don’t finish at your ankles, but just keep on going! This adds instant length to your silhouette and slims down your figure. 

Show Off Your Outfit

Wearing a brightly coloured dress? Make it stand out with a pair of nude pumps. The contrast of the vibrant shades vs. understated shoes means the focus is on your dress, instead of your feet.

A Timeless Classic

There is something high class and sophisticated about a pair of nude pumps – especially when paired with black. Sure, white and black are a match made in heaven, but nude really gives that final, polished look to your outfit.

For a more casual and trendy look, wear nude pumps with black leggings and a blazer.

Want to dress up? Pull out that little black dress and slip into your nude shoes. For beautiful matches to your evening frock, shop online with retailers like Jane Shilton.

Skin Tone

So you go to the store to get your foundation matched to your skin tone? Nude shoes need the same treatment. The secret to getting really great looking pegs is to have a seamless transition in tone from your skin to your heel.

Also, keep things simple – complicated patterns can destroy the lengthening effect you want to create.


Nude pumps are perfect for pastel colours. Black is too vicious, and can kill a beautiful, pastel dress. Nude pumps have just the right softness to complement this palette. So when it gets to Spring and you want to wear light, break out the nudies.

Trouser Girl

If you’re tired of wearing skirts or dresses, nude shoes are perfect with white khakis. If you can pull off skinny jeans, this style combo is hot right now.

Go Bare

Nude pumps need nude skin. Ditch the tights and shave those legs!

If you’re broke and don’t own a pair of nudies, save up, and consider this one of your investment pieces. It won’t let you down. If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for us. 

Our guest blogger is Zoe, a keen fashion blogger and professional freelance writer, who is currently writing for Jane Shilton. Click here to shop the new summer collection of handbags and footwear.


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