One-Piece or Bikini? The Everlasting Debate

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I don't think I can get behind this columnist's advice when she says that nobody is looking around or judging others while at the beach. We've all seen someone wearing something a little too revealing or unflattering and made comments to a friend, spouse, partner about the person in question. What's important to remember when deciding what to wear to the beach is that even if people do make jerk comments to each other, it just doesn't matter.


I'm going on a beach holiday next month, but earlier this year I had a caesarean section and feel self-conscious about my scar so want to wear a one-piece instead of a bikini. But will that make me look like some terrible throwback on the beach? (I'm 30.)

Milly, by email

Milly, don't waste even another second thinking about such things. I have heard so many women express anxieties about others judging their bathing attire on the beach, and one of those women has definitely been me. But let me impart something that I have only really understood in my dotage: nobody's looking at you. Read More

D. McMillin

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