Original artwork: Where to find and how to judge

Art work

There are numerous sorts of unique craftsmanship available to be purchased like from current craft to traditional artistic ones. You can generally buy different kinds of art work like show pieces, paintings etc, for example, you can buy a piece from a dealer who is experienced in selling them or from historians who will give you vital and interesting information about that era or the techniques artists used at the time of its creation.

The task to find original artwork for sale isn?t a tough job if you invest some time for research work before making the final buying decision. You will come across many craftsmen willing to sell their products through different mediums like through exhibitions, self made galleries, workshops and obviously through websites. You just have to be a bit accustomed with this world to know the places where these pieces are sold and where exhibitions are held.

You may also come across original craftsmanship at locations like galleries, art stores, art and craft shops. May be you can find them in furniture and departmental shops also. Local trade shows are also good place for these kinds of products. But the collections in these places may not be new.

However, internet is a place where you will find websites offering original artworks for sale. There are numerous website of different artists to visit for such collections and you may also check out in various art galleries and dealer?s website. It will always be a wise decision to look for all the options as the price may vary greatly or you might miss some offers from specific websites.

There are some craftsmen who like to sell their work via auction sites like ebay, amazon etc. where there is hardly a chance to negotiate on the price. Another problem with buying online is you cannot see the product physically before buying.

While making an online purchase consult with the seller about replacement or money back if you didn?t receive the product in proper condition. A wise decision would be to insure the product as it may get damaged in transit.

If you are buying from shop look for following things:

·        The pattern and shapes used in the artwork.

·        Combination of colors (you can also judge this while buying online)

·        Physical and visual texture of the artwork.

·        Compare paintings of different artists before making any final decision.

·        Carefully check out the displays of artwork. Some will look better than others.

·        Look for any odd markings in the artwork. If you find the markings uniformly present then that may be a design. But if there is just one or two ask the seller about that.

·        Try to guess what meaning the artwork is portraying. Artworks may be created only for visual appeal which does not have in depth meaning. There can be set pieces that will stir up certain emotions. Sometime artworks can be created for promoting any cause. You may come across certain artwork with several meanings.

·        How unique the artwork work is. Is the artwork is an entirely new concept or the idea is something familiar but presented in a different manner.


A good art of work will appealing to you. It will be skillfully crafted. Easy to understand but unique.



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