Owner of Bad Restaurant Fires Gun, Not Chef


I think everyone would agree that the owner of a restaurant who saw two men complain then walk out on their bill made the right decision when, rather than replace a chef who was creating low-quality meals, he fired a few rounds of a .22 handgun at the diner's vehicle. Of course, by "agree" I mean that normal people would "completely disagree," if not think it was "completely insane."


Ah, hospitality: A Winter Park, Florida, restaurant owner joined a cook in attacking two diners last week after both complained about their meal and one refused to pay. James Marshall Phillips III and Destin McMahon say they were leaving Wazzabi restaurant after a real bummer of a meal when a line cook and Quoc Tran, the restaurant's owner, charged outside into the parking lot and began kicking Phillips's car. Tran produced a .22 caliber handgun and fired at least two shots at Phillips's car, hitting his bumper. Read More


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