Paparazzi Photographer in Bieber-Chasing Case Catches a Break


Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg

While I don't agree with the methods used by a lot of the paparazzi, I don't like the fact that anti-paparazzi laws seem to only benefit celebrities or those who are well-to-do rather than addressing any kind of real public safety issue. I think the judge in Paul Raef's case has definitely made the right call; what do you think?


A law aimed at combating reckless driving by paparazzi is overly broad and should not be used against the first photographer charged under its provisions, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Superior Court Judge Thomas Rubinson dismissed counts filed under the law against Paul Raef, who was charged in July with being involved in a high-speed pursuit of Justin Bieber.

The judge cited numerous problems with the 2010 statute, saying it was aimed at newsgathering activities protected by the First Amendment, and lawmakers should have simply increased the penalties for reckless driving rather than targeting celebrity photographers. Read More


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