PETA At Arms Over Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot

Harper's Bazaar

I never really know how to feel about PETA coming out against something. On the one hand, it honestly feels like they come out against everything and I think they're just a group of who gets off on overreacting. On the other hand, I do feel that a lot of the creatures they're defending need protection and a fair shake at life. Where do you stand on the whole animal as fashion accessory in photo shoot debate?


Going to Antarctica and posing in subzero temperatures in front of penguins is one thing. But Kate Upton's latest modeling gig is a step too far for animal rights activists.

The folks at PETA are blasting Harper's Bazaar for its latest spread entitled "The Animal Nursery," which features the blond bombshell posing with various exotic critters, including a baby tiger, leopard, gibbon and lion. According to the group, employing such endangered species as accessories can jeopardize their welfare, particularly the monkey. Read More

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