Philadelphia Moving Closer to Decision on Second Casino License

Discussing Philadelphia casino licensing

Tony Romeo

As Philadelphia currently only has one casino in its area, there is a substantial amount of competition coming from surrounding states. Looking to keep some of the gambling economy in the city, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is considering adding a second casino license for the Pennsylvania city.


Potential rival casino Sugarhouse has been granted “intervener” status as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board gets closer to a decision on Philadelphia’s second casino license.

John Donnelly, a lawyer representing the Sugarhouse casino on Delaware Avenue, argued today for standing on the grounds that competition has increased greatly since the state’s gambling law was passed.

“We’re essentially being surrounded by competition,” he said.   “Ohio… all of these factor in.  It’s not a happy situation at all.”

The board granted intervener status to Sugarhouse, to a synagogue on North Broad Street, and to two schools, which will allow all of them to submit their positions on the record — and opens the door for them to have standing in any appeal of the board’s licensing decision. Read More


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