Photographs You Would Love To Keep For a Lifetime

Wedding photographs always have something special about them. Years after the event is over, you turn to them to reminisce about times gone by, incidents you had forgotten and of course the big occasion itself. It would therefore be great if those photographs are well taken, not only in terms of the clarity of the pictures, but also in terms of capturing the poignancy of the situation. That is why the photographer you hire should be something of an artiste. Because an artiste can understand and represent emotion, and any photographs created by such a person would bring out the momentousness of the occasion far more effectively.

Nick Rutter wedding photographer Bournemouth is just that kind of photographer. He will make your wedding the centre of his existence for the duration of the event, and when he is finally done with his photography, it will be like he has captured the entire essence of what the wedding signified to the people involved. So if you are planning on having memorable photographs for your event, don’t just ring up the first photographer somebody refers to you without verifying the person’s credentials or body of work.


A good wedding photographer will first try and get to know you as a person, your sense of aesthetics and what it is that you expect from the photographs. Everybody’s expectations are different. While some people expect the photographs to be a staid record of an important occasion in their lives, others are far more adventurous and want an almost operatic flourish in the photography. While some might be conservative and formal others might be utterly bohemian. The wedding photographer therefore has to be very empathetic with what their subject may expect from the photography.


A good exercise to undertake before hiring a photographer would be to check out their portfolio of work and see if that work is up to scratch from your perspective. Next you should discuss the theme of the wedding, for that has a bearing on what sort of preparations the photographer should be making. As an example if it is going to be an outdoor wedding on a beach, the photographer may have to prepare differently from say shooting indoors in a cathedral. Technical aspects pertaining to lenses and lighting need to be prepared for beforehand; so it’s best to brief the photographer thoroughly first.


The photographers on their part should make some effort to get to know the prospective bridegroom and bride, because they are their foremost constituency, as the photographs would mean more to them than to anybody else involved with the wedding. A wedding photographer not only has the heavy burden of managing the sky high expectations of the marrying couple; their own professional reputation too depends upon a job well done. So it is a high-stakes proposition for everyone.


This is the reason why one would recommend that one hire wedding photographers with established reputations and an impressive body of work. Weddings are a time when emotions are running high and with guests and well wishers milling around, a mature and seasoned photographer will know how not to tread on any toes, yet be firm where required. It’s a delicate exercise, as though the photographer has privileged access; the person is not actually a part of the inner circle.


Once you have the right person identified, leave the job to him and you get on with the wedding.


Denzel Zurich is a wedding planner and designer of repute and a consulting partner with Nick Rutter wedding photographer Bournemouth.


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