Picture Perfect for Every Occasion: Here's a Guide to Deck Up

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Decking up is like an art; there is no hard and fast rule in this game. It is the aesthetic sense of the individual that works wonders. However, there are certain guidelines that the experts have noted for the amateurs’ convenience; these guidelines have only been established after a good bit of experience in this domain. Following such guidelines is sort of important so that your sense of style does not take away from the elegance and charm of your appearance.

One of the most important aspects of dressing up for any woman would be the jewelry; no dress is complete without the matching earring or necklace. And for that matter, the matching accessories are simply inevitable. For the perfect look, it is necessary that there exists some semblance between the dress and the jewelry that one is wearing. Pairing is of utmost importance here. Why so? This is because while the correct pairing of dress and jewelry can make a huge fashion statement, the opposite can ruin the entire persona.

Here are some guidelines as to how to get your pairing right.                                                

Size and shape matters here

When picking the jewelry of your choice, it is important to consider which size and shape would go the best with your figure. The correct choice can enhance the figure and the overall look; a wrong choice on the other hand can be disastrous. The expert advice would be - short and petite women should stay away from long necklaces and earrings. And for the ones with the larger frames and the curves, big chunkies would be the ideal choice.

Pairing with the perfect attire is important:

Doesn’t matter if you have the most charming piece of jewelry in your closet, it is still important to pair it up with the perfect clothing. Here are some useful tips to tell you how to get the pairing of dress and jewelry correct.

·        If your pick of the day is a wide open neckline top, there are a lot of choices as far as the jewelry is concerned. There is the choice of a choker, collar or bib style necklace, princess length necklace, or even a matinee length necklace. In fact, all these work well with a simple solid colored round neck tee shirt or even a strapless top. And if you would prefer to wear long earrings, then it is advisable to skip the necklace for the day.

·        Simple chains with trendy pendants are the ideal choice with everyday wear; it could be tee shirts or a button down blouse. Silver monogram necklaces are selling like hot cakes in the market and look fancy when teamed up with the right dress.

·        When wearing a turtle neck dress, long neckpieces are a must.

·        And when wearing a cowl neck, necklaces are a big NO. Pair it up with simple earrings and that would be all to make you look stunning.

·        Since tunic tops are in these days, the ideal pair for such dresses would be longer chains that could be wrapped around multiple times.


At the end, dressing up is not rocket science; it is an art or to put it more appropriately it is a game of trial and error. Often you can create style statements by defying the established rules. You need to experiment and try, and above everything else you must know what suits you. 

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