Ping Pong Table Specifications for the Smart Shopper

Both children and adults find much enjoyment in table tennis or ping pong. Since it is a very popular game with millions of players worldwide, the demand for quality equipment has been answered by a multitude of manufacturers and dealers offering their wares. You may have experienced the kind of confusion brought about by too many choices given to you, causing a paralysis of decision-making. To avoid a potentially stressful situation, here are a few guidelines that you can use if you or members of your family decide to play table tennis, either as a recreational activity or as a serious sport.  

When it comes to equipment, table tennis does not require much. You would need rackets and balls and a proper ping pong table. Pretty soon, you will realise how much fuss a seemingly benign table could create.


Basic Essentials

If you intend to get into ping pong competitions, the first feature that you need to learn about is table thickness. Actually, the thickness of the table is its most important feature. Those who understand the game recommend one inch or less of table thickness, and no more. The next important aspect is the stability provided by the four table legs. The table chassis must be adequately connected and they ought to be legs thick enough with respect to the frame. The only disadvantage of having a table with very thick legs is the overall weight. But thicker support means greater stability.

Is Playback Necessary?

Table tennis tables that do not allow folding will not put you at a disadvantage. Though playback position provides a practice scenario, this kind of practice does not make perfect. Why? With one side of the table placed vertically, allowing the player to practice alone, the conditions that characterise an actual game with a competitor are not duplicated at all. Therefore, you don’t need to find a table that folds as such.

The Question of Mobility

If there is no need to move the table from its appointed place, and if your house has a rather rigid set-up with few allowances for changing the lay-out of furniture, then there is no need to get a ping pong table with wheels. Most conservatives would argue that a stable table is still the preferable playing surface, despite the reliable locks installed in the roll-away tables that you can get online.


You should be aware that these days there could possibly be at least 10 table options for every budgetary range. In reality, there’s probably more. You have to expect the competition-level games to be more expensive. And those with longer descriptions plus high-tech raw materials and trimmings would be on the higher range as well. And then there is the mid-range, where you’ll find choices that seem oddly familiar because you have already written them down as your own ping pong table criteria. Usually, options found at this range are manufactured with a reasonably good balance of performance and durability.

Much more affordable tables can be found at the lower end of the range. Though not all are poorly made, you must be cautious before you decide to invest on budget tables. However, some dependable manufacturers offer cost-effective, good-quality products designed for family and home use. It is worth learning about these models and weighing the pros and cons before you make the final decision.


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