Plastic Fashion Craze?

Emily Ratajkowski

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I really don't get it, but I guess I don't have to. The fact is, Emily Ratajkowski worked her magic, and suddenly plastic is the new cashmere with plenty enough scrambling to get it to call it a new fashion trend. The how and why behind this nonsense eludes me, but then again, nobody ever said fashion had to make sense.


In Blurred Lines, the No 1 hit song of the summer, Robin Thicke sings 'Maybe I'm going blind.'


No you're not, Robin. Super-hot model Emily Ratajkowski really IS wearing a see-through PVC outfit in your video. Well, in the clean version anyway...


Thanks to her sexy dance moves and gravity-defying body, model Emily's become the girl that we all want to be.


We can't promise you boobs like Emily's, but here's a selection of Blurred Lines-inspired conceal and reveal outfits instead. (Read More)

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