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What Reasons Will You Have for Choosing Your Next Car?
By: Jone Mike   |    October 3, 2013   |   0 Comments (3) (0)

If you are planning on buying a new car soon then you maybe haven’t even considered yet why you are drawn towards some models more than others. We all have different reasons for choosing certain cars and understanding them can help us to make a better decision.

How It Looks

As with just about everything else in life, different people can have wildly different tastes in this matter. The way a car looks is one of the fundamental reasons we have for choosing a specific vehicle over another. Of course, it isn’t always possible to get the exact looks you are after. For instance, you might love the sleek lines of a Ferrari or a Porsche but will the price tag put you off? On the positive side, there are many different models to choose from these days. In fact, some of the best value car manufacturers now offer sporty looking models at very decent prices. If the looks are important to you then checking out alternative brand could find you the car you want at a price you can afford.  

The Colour

Have you ever stopped to consider why you are drawn to certain car colours? If you think back over the different models you have owned over the years there is a good chance that several of them were the same colour. White recently moved to the top of the popularity stakes, while black, grey and silver remain popular choices too. Interestingly, the list of top car colours changes slightly from one part of the world to another, although the colours already mentioned are the most sought after in most places. So why is white so popular? Recent reports suggest that drivers now like the idea of teaming it up with their white gadgets such as iPhones. However, it has traditionally been popular because it is an easy colour for other drivers to see and because this colour of car stays cooler on hot days. Among the least popular colours you will find the likes of brown and yellow. 

The Asking Price

No matter what we think about the looks and the colour, most of us have to end up settling for what we can afford. It certainly makes sense to work out a budget at the start and then try to stick to it. If you aren’t familiar with the current car market then you will need to do some investigating to work out what you can expect for your budget. The choice between new and used cars is one of the very first issues you are likely to come across. With many new cars now costing less than you might think you might be tempted to splash out on a brand new vehicle. One issue to bear in mind when making this decision is that new cars depreciate in value very quickly. There are ways to try and limit the effects of depreciation but it is something that you can’t avoid completely. When it comes to a second hand car, a smart choice can see you pick up a bargain. It can be tempting to spend more than you can afford in order to get hold of a better car but you should resist the temptation to do this. You will be far happier with a good car that you can afford without any problems as there are other costs to think about too. 

The Ongoing Costs

One of the big issues that many new car buyers forget to give enough consideration to is around the running costs of the vehicle. Even if the initial asking price is within your budget, you need to consider whether or not the ongoing costs are going to be acceptable. There are a number of different points to take into account here and the cost of repairing and maintain the vehicle is one of the main ones. Bearing this in mind, the MyCarNeedsA.com service could come in very handy. You can get a number of qualified mechanics to bid for the work needing done on here, which could lower the price significantly. You could also work out your future maintenance budget by looking for details on MOT and service deals. The fuel economy of the car is another of the factors to take into account. Thankfully, this is something you can research easily online. The insurance cost could also make a difference to how enthusiastic you feel about a certain car. Either way, it is definitely worth spending some time working out whether the model you are looking at has running costs you are comfortable with.          

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