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Why you should be using professional Rug Cleaners
By: Jone Mike   |    October 3, 2013   |   0 Comments (3) (0)

Have you ever had those moments when you are watching TV, and having dinner, when all of a sudden, while trying to get the remote, you spill your drink all over your favorite rug? And this is not even the worst part, because then you start to panic. You run over to the kitchen, get some Kleenex, maybe some bleach, and start rubbing the rug, trying to get the stain out. Sadly it just makes it worse.


Now you are stuck with an even more messed up rug then the after you spilled your drink on it. Stuff like this happens to people all the time, and more often than not, they end up throwing their rug out. In situations like these, it is better to not act like a hero, and get some professional help.


Mostly people like to do everything by themselves. When something gets broken they try to fix it themselves. When something gets dirty, they want to clean it. What they should understand is that by doing everything themselves, they have more chances of destroying their stuff then fixing it. For example, most people do not know what type of rug they have, and whether they should use a silk rug cleaner or wool rug cleaner.


By simply guessing and acting smart, the odds of ruining the rug are greater. Rug cleaners provide services for all types of rugs, whether its silk rug cleaning, or wool rug cleaning. The cost of a professional rug cleaner may seem expensive to some, but it surely beats buying a whole new rug.


Professional rug cleaners in NYC can cost around $100-$150, depending on the service you want. The cost also depends on the type of stains, like food stains, dirt etc.

Another factor is the material used in the rug, wool rug cleaning can cost more

than silk rug cleaning. However, the cost is justified by the fact that you do not have to worry about the rug, as someone else is cleaning it for you. You do not even have to take it to the store, as most cleaners send their people to your home to pick up the rug, and then deliver to you after it is cleaned. Some cleaners even deliver your rug on the same day, so you do not have to wait long with an empty floor.


New York is a big city with hundreds of local businesses. With the huge population, the services from these businesses are often required by the people. However, people always try to get the best services for the lowest cost possible. To get more customers, the business owners try to charge less for their services, so they might get more customers than their rival business owners. Similarly, one can find cheap professional rug cleaners by simply spending 10 minutes on the internet. It is better to get the rugs cleaned by professionals by spending a few extra dollars, than having to buy a new rug and spending a lot of extra dollars.


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