How to Look Smashin and Fashionable at 50

At the age of 50, the body of a woman is not exactly what it used to look like any more as the body parts start to shift and sag. Whether you are fifty and counting and still have not added much weight since you were in your 40s or thirties, one thing so real is that clothes never fit you well the same as they used to. If you are still doing fine with the same clothes you were wearing over two decades ago, you must agree updating your wardrobe is way too important.

Be real

One important thing fashion experts always insist is that wearing the clothes of a younger generation hardly makes one youthful or younger. Those already over fifty and still wearing clothes as if they are in their twenties look weird and almost insane in the eyes of those around them. Nonetheless, it does not mean at fifty you need to adopt the wardrobe of a nun. You can still have some much required fun with what you wear. At fifty, you have a chance to look elegant and comfortable. With a quality outfit and hair treatment you can feel and look fantastic if you really want to. A professional wardrobe at fifty will surprise you how easy it is to come by. 

Professional women at fifty

If you are a professional you must learn to balance the modern looks of the modern office by balancing between outdated pumps and suits, flip-flops and jeans on the other hand. At fifty, it is time to leave suits alone and make the most of separates. You can layer, match and mix wardrobe accessories and essentials to appear stylish while expanding a wardrobe and saving funds at the same time. In fact, pay monthly shopping catalogues are a great source of wonderful outfits for women at fifty and above who want to look gorgeous. There are great outfits with the cost spread over a couple of months down the line.

Style update vital

It is very important to update and transform your style. For instance, you might want to turn mostly to tailored pieces essentially flattering your body and fashioned from quality materials like cotton, wool and cashmere.

Stick with basics

To always win and make the right choices in the area of fashion, simply be basic as much as you can. Apart from acquiring great outfits capable of making you gorgeous at fifty, it is important to observe such basic rules as purchasing clothes that properly fit you, be sure about outfits you do not like and what you love, know exactly what needs accentuation and exactly what does not. Avoid following trend and ensure you wear exactly what is good to look at and is well fitting.

Some wearables must be avoided at fifty

At fifty there are lots of outfits that need to be avoided, such as holiday sweaters, micro mini skirts and leg warmers, cargo pants, tie and dye, crocs, penny loafers, ankle bracelets, waist pants that are elastic, boy shorts, tee shirts with words and newsboy caps among others.

Casual redefined

The good thing is rather than stick with the same outfits you were wearing in your thirties or wearing mom jeans that are elastic, go for casual outfits made just for those in their fifties. Jeans are now being designed to fit every kind of body type and do fit well, flattering your figure. Perfect jeans are completed well with fun accessories, classic tops and a good choice of shoes.

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