Pork Rinds Top Cameron Diaz' Favorite Junk Food

Cameron Diaz

Getty Images

Though insanely fatty and widely considered to be rather disgusting as a food, pork rinds are still Cameron Diaz' favorite junk food. However, her regular diet and exercise regimen is doing wonders to counteract her deep-fried pig skin habit as she has never seemed to have any weight issues. 


Cameron Diaz will have fans turning their heads at her favorite junk food. The actress has a hankering for a food that has several names, but means the same thing: fried pig skin. According to a new interview on Thursday with Elle UK, the popular Hollywood actress likes pork scratchings (as it is called in the UK) or pork rinds (which is what it’s called at the USA grocers.)

Healthy or not, the entertainer seems to find the fried pork skins to be a perfect way to munch with friends, at a bar or just have a few when hungry. Read More


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