Prepare for a Wave of Bangs this Year


Noted celebrity Kim Kardashian, whose celebrity comes from, uhh, being a celebrity, has gone back to bangs yet again, which should be a good indicator that we're going to be seeing a lot of women wearing bangs in 2013. What do you think of Kim's new (yet old) look? Also, do you think she should be seen as a beauty and fashion icon or forgotten about as a celeb?


It’s back to bangs for Kim Kardashian! The mother-to-be took the style on a test drive a few times last year — she frequently veered between wearing long layers and clip-on fringe – but made the commitment to a more permanent version yesterday. “I cut my bangs for real!” Kardashian wrote on her blog. Although not as blunt as the faux styles she previously wore, we think Kim’s side-swept version suits her. Do you like her new look? Tell us in the comments! See more celebrity hair makeovers

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