Preparing a Guest- Ready Space

Most of our homes have an extra room which can generally be converted into guest rooms for any unplanned guest arrival, say some of your relatives thought of crashing into your place without notice. For sure, you have experienced an unexpected guest come over your home. Don’t you know that giving them a place to rest isn’t enough? A guest room cannot just be a guest room; there are things you should consider as a host, so that your guests can be comfortable in their stay and would feel at home.

In home remodeling, making your guestroom comfortable requires planning with a baggage of creative ideas as well. Although it doesn't require you to exert much effort, there are certain things that you should keep in mind in establishing that desired guest space.

As luxury hotels are well known of providing the best place for their guests, it is a good thing to know that this setting can be applicable, and achieved with modern homes like in condominiums and houses for sale.

Here are some few things you could to do to make your guest room more pleasant and satisfying:

1.     Get rid of anything that causes clutter. Make sure that every corner of the guest room is clean, as it is your aim is to provide a comfortable place for relaxation. It is also an advantage if the room is equipped with basic room requirements (that will be discussed succeedingly) such as the bed, a working desk, lampshades, an entertainment set (television, music player device, etc.), a wardrobe, and most especially, a comfort room.

2.     Provide new toiletries. Do not offer used toiletries as they will come off as impolite. Buy refreshing toilet accessories such as scented candles and air freshener and purifier, as these would impart a pleasing effect on their moods, thus, earning you good impressions as feedback. Also, don’t forget to provide clean towels.

3.     Prepare the bed beautifully. Present the best possible well-dressed bed you can offer. Give them simple yet crisp bed linens, tidy layer sheets, some comfortable quilts and pillows. These will surely give your guest well-night sleep. A well ready bed is suitable after a long and tiring travel.

4.     Position lighting properly. Lamp shades can provide more than a stylish design in your visitor's area, as they don’t only serve as light source, but they create this atmosphere that conveys a warm welcome. You may also want to stack books or magazines alongside the bed in case your guest would like to read before heading to sleep.

5.     Provide your guests with comfortable flip flops. Flip flops keep your guests’ feet clean and protected as they don't have to walk around your place barefooted. There are inexpensive pairs of flips flops in the market that have all sizes, in which is advisable to take all sizes available. Rough and hard surfaced- slippers are not recommended.

6.     Make things not boring. An entertainment system is very important to keep your guest delighted. Equipments such as air condition, television, video player, and other electronic devices would surely help provide more comfortable space for your guests.

At the end of the day, as you complete the list of things needed by your guests, you’ll realized how their visit has become both unforgettable for you and your guests.

Author Bio: Jona Jone is a Mortgage originator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now an accomplished author, Jone is sharing his real estate expertise by freelance writing to, a real estate developer engaged in condos for sale.

Jona Jone

I have been a mortgage originator in Philadelphia, PA. I have helped borrowers complete their mortgages and other transactions concerning property ownership. I share my experiences and technical know-how of the real estate industry through freelance writing. I currently write for DMCI Homes....(Read More)

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