Prince Harry Parties in Red Floral


Oh the Queen will be so pleased to read all the reports of Prince Harry returning to his playground across the pond, Las Vegas.  After spending time in Vegas last year for Military training, he decided to go back to Sin City with the boys, for a party weekend. And party he did. 

 The British royal hung out shirtless in his VIP bungalow and was often seen dressed in a red floral swim suit, sunglasses and a brimmed hat. Who knew the Prince liked floral? We do know red is definitely a power color.

On Sunday Prince Harry hit repeat, wearing almost the same attire as he did on Saturday; he sported a blue fedora hat, sunglasses, red floral swimsuit and casually downed vodka drinks, beer and lounged in a red couch in the private bungalow.

 "He blew up a few inflatable beach balls and playfully threw them at a few women close by," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "Most the women returned the favor, and most didn't realize who he was."

For the most part Harry kept to himself and spent time with his crew. And Harry, when fully dressed, rough-housed by the pool and was taken down into the water– in jeans! Looks like this was a successful party weekend for the Prince. 

Allie Montgomery

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