Q&A With Lena Dunham

20 Questions with Lena Dunham


Though this session of Playboy's 20 Questions doesn't discuss Lena Dunham's presence in the fashion industry (with a direct link via her boyfriend, brother of Rachel Antonoff), fans of the show Girls should get an absolute kick out of the piece.


Playboy: On one episode of Girls a guy tells Hannah’s hot roommate, Marnie, “I want you to know, the first time I fuck you I might scare you a little, because I’m a man and I know how to do things.” No doubt many would-be lotharios have added this come-on to their repertoires—but some of us still want to know what it means.

Dunham: Someone once said something like that to me—with the immediate caveat “I, uh, learned that from my friend who works at Vice magazine.” That made the line a lot less sexy. American men always have to go for the laugh or the excuse. Read More

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