Questions to ask your surgeon before a boob job

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to do your research. Going under the knife is a big decision, so here are some of the most sensible things to ask your surgeon:

How long have you been doing boob jobs?

Every patient has the right to know a little information about their surgeon, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out how long he/she’s been practicing medicine and ask how many years they’ve been doing boob jobs. Inquire a little about their background and experience (without seeming overly patronising or suspicious) and make notes if your feel it’s appropriate.

What can go wrong during the procedure?

We’ve all read horror stories about cosmetic surgery, but it’s best to speak to your surgeon. A medical expert will talk you through the risks and complications and will put your mind at ease. Take the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and go into the operating room completely informed.

Which type of implant do you prefer?

Find out if your surgeon prefers silicone or saline implants and why! This will help you find the best surgeon for your needs. Some doctors only work with specific type of implants and might not be able to carry out your boob job.

How much recovery time will I need?

If you’re worried about the amount of downtime you’ll need, be sure to discuss your concerns at the clinic. Find out how much time you should book off work and talk through ways to speed up your recovery. Ask about specialised bras, ice packs and medication that might ease the pain and inquire when you’ll be let home.

Do you have any boob job videos I can watch?

Many clinics have an array of boob job videos that you can watch in your spare time. They’re often more informative than random internet content and will provide you with accurate information. Watching a real procedure take place might help you decide if you want to go ahead.

What happens if I don’t like the results?

Every cosmetic surgery procedure is unique, so you must find out the company’s revision policy. If things don’t go to plan, it’s wise to know how you will act. Always take out health insurance when possible and sign the relevant paperwork – if you agree with what’s written.

Changing your appearance is a daunting experience, so make sure you ask plenty of questions.

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