Rainn Wilson Spoofs Angus T. Jones' Rant

Rainn Wilson being a badass


Rainn Wilson, Dwight from The Office, did a shot-for-shot remake of the viral Angus T. Jones rant and it's pretty hilarious if you've been following the whole Two and a Half Men debacle. This is one of those moments where you realize Rainn Wilson just doesn't get enough attention from movie producers; I really hope he gets his own show after The Office goes off the air at the end of this season.


Angus T. Jones may have apologized for his faith-based anti-Two and a Half Men rant, but that doesn't mean his fellow TV actors are about to let him live it down.

Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson, BKA Dwight and Darryl from NBC's The Office, took to Wilson's Facebook page to file the first official spoof of Jones' highly entertaining testimonial video, encouraging viewers to stop watching The Office because it's "filth" that "will rot your brain." Read More and Watch the Video


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