Rating the Stars' Fashions
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March 8, 2013   |   0 Comments

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Admit it, you love the Oscars because of the commentary about their amazing clothes. No one in their right mind really cares about the movies... Right? RIGHT?

Why do we do it to our ourselves? Judging from the convention of grouchiness last night on Twitter, the limited patience of my companions (they gave up at 10:30), and the faces in the audience, no one much likes the Oscars. The four-hour show becomes an excuse for pointing up at the screen and loudly pronouncing subjective verdicts—”Oh, I like her!” (Reese Witherspoon); “She gets on my nerves!” (Anne Hathaway)—and eating too much pizza. Nonetheless, each and every year a rumored billion people trudge to the TV and sit through the Oscar telecast, even shedding a few tears. Read More

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