Reasons to Stay in a Villa on Your Ibiza Holiday

Holiday season is upon us yet again. Although you may not yet have booked your vacation for this summer, you may be at the stage where you are weighing up your options and deciding on what would be the perfect getaway for you.


Ibiza is a hugely popular Mediterranean destination which attracts thousands of British tourists each year. From the sunny and warm weather, to the beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas, all within just a couple of hours flight from the UK, there isn’t much reason to go anywhere else than this incredible Spanish island.


During your Ibiza holiday search you may have come across the option to stay in a villa for your week or two away. This is a great option which many people take advantage of for the numerous benefits it offers. But just why is staying in a villa proving so popular?


Do things at a time to suit you


When you are staying in a hotel or rented holiday apartments it always feels like you are having to do things at times to suit the accommodation owners, which makes it a bit less enjoyable than you would probably like. From having set times for meals, to being rudely interrupted by the cleaner coming into your room at an ungodly hour in the morning, it’s difficult to fully relax when you know you are set by the boundaries that come with hotel stays.


Much more private


Villas are also far more private than anything else. In a hotel it always feels like you are surrounded by undesirable people, bratty screaming children and the typical folk you find who are always up at5amto go and put their towel on the sunbeds next to the swimming pool. Instead, in a villa you can have your own space and feel like you are actually getting away from it all. Some even have their own private swimming pools - what better way to relax than that!


More space for family/friends


Whilst a hotel only gives you one room to stay in, while in a rented apartment you may get a tiny kitchen and living room attached, in a villa you will feel like you are staying in a home away from home. This is especially great if you are going away with a large family or a group of friends, as there are likely to be multiple bedrooms and bathrooms which means you can all stay in the same place, rather than in different rooms across a hotel complex.


Eat what and when you want


The food you eat on holiday can make or break your entire experience. When staying in a villa you will be free to choose where you eat, and also not be restricted by the time you dine. If you want a nice lie in and a late breakfast then this is fine. If you want to stroll around the local area to find a nice restaurant then you can do this too. You can even cook for yourself in the villa’s kitchen. No more fighting at the buffet with other hotel guests is very much a welcome thing!



About the author : Lisa jane found a villa in Ibiza to rent for her holiday last year and has never looked back!

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