ReDigi Launches Today, Changing the Way the Internet Does Music

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Start going through your digital music folders, a musical revolution begins today. ReDigi is set to launch their marketplace, which is the first in the world to allow users to trade in their old music for something new. Just how in the past you could take your old records into the local store and trade them in for some fresh vinyl, ReDigi allows users to do the same with their digital music files. Personally, I had a few phases that I'm not so proud of that linger in my iTunes library, so I'll be more than happy to get something in return for my embarrassingly extensive collection of Limp Bizkit.

ReDigi is transforming the music industry by allowing users to sell their legally acquired digital music files, and buy used digital music from others at a fraction of the price currently available on iTunes. ReDigi is a completely FREE service, meaning no subscription fees, no initiation fees or paid upgrades. Users even get free private cloud storage so they can buy, sell or simply listen to their music anytime, anywhere.

Music fans around the country, including more than 120,000 social network followers, have been anxiously awaiting ReDigi's release. CEO John Ossenmacher explains, "ReDigi's technology signifies an important transition in the digital space, beyond the scope of what anyone thought was possible. By allowing consumers to sell their used digital music, we are giving digital goods a resale value for the first time ever and opening a new realm of what is possible in the digital age.”

ReDigi’s mission goes far beyond just giving digital goods resale value; it also actively supports the music community. In the past, artists and labels were left out of the loop and went uncompensated if their albums were resold online or at second-hand stores. ReDigi is changing this paradigm and giving artists and labels a significant portion of all proceeds from the sale and each subsequent resale of their music.

In this way, ReDigi is making strides to help revive the music community, which has struggled to find its footing since transitioning to a digital platform. “We are excited about the innovative programs that we have created to support artists and labels,” said Ossenmacher. “As we move forward, social responsibility will remain one of our highest priorities."

ReDigi is user-friendly and intuitive making it simple to buy and sell digital music with the click of a button. When a user signs up for their free account they will be given instant access to the marketplace where they can buy music and store it for free in their ReDigi cloud space. Users can buy music from any computer or mobile device and download it onto their own computer later.

ReDigi is changing not only the digital landscape but also the fundamental way in which people buy- and now sell- digital music. To become part of the ReDigi revolution, visit

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