Redmayne Shows Men Everywhere How to Dress Properly

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Perfectly pressed and perfectly accessorized, Eddie Redmayne's showing at the Oscars on Sunday night proved to men everywhere that just because someone needs to dress up for an event doesn't mean they have to get rid of individuality. Check out those shoes!


As we said in our round-up from last night's Academy Awards, Eddie Redmayne has proven to be this awards season's MVP, stepping on to each red carpet in perfectly fitted rigs that expertly walk the line between modern and traditional. This year's Oscars were no different, with Redmayne's Alexander McQueen getup easily being one of the evening's best. But a closer look reveals some stellar details that are lost from afar, like those gold monkey fist studs on his shirt, badass barbed wire McQueen cufflinks, sleek gold case Omega watch, and subtle McQueen skull slippers. Read More

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