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Auto repair

Auto repair

No matter the size of your car repair job, you want to know that the work will be undertaken by a professional mechanic using quality parts and equipment. The first test is to make sure that the auto repair shop employs Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics. The regular testing required maintaining certification ensures that the mechanic always maintains a high level of knowledge, workmanship and quality service. This professional certification gives you peace of mind that the mechanic has been tested and is proven to provide a quality repair and service. 

Additionally, you want to know that the parts and materials being used are quality guaranteed and tried and tested. Though the costs might be kept low by using low quality, non branded materials, in the long term, failure of inferior parts on your vehicle may lead to a more costly, expensive repair further down the road, so it is always better to check that the auto service you decide on is using only high quality parts and materials.

If you are looking for a quality auto repair service in St Petersburg or Clearwater in Florida, look out for Peterson Auto and Truck. They provide an extensive line of auto repair services and are known as one of the top auto repair mechanic shops in the area. To ensure they are providing a quality service throughout, their auto shops are run only by ASE certified mechanics and each and every job is then reviewed by an ASE Master Certified technician to ensure they at all times they are meeting their own high standards of workmanship and quality service.

Each mechanic has a high level of experience and expert knowledge of the many common problems suffered by automobiles in general and those specific to various makes and models of vehicles. This expert knowledge makes it easy for them to diagnose the cause of an auto problem and repair it promptly and efficiently, minimizing any inconvenience to you and your bank balance.

To use their service, take your vehicle to one of their auto repair shops. After diagnosing the problem, they will give you a full description of the repair work involved; including a breakdown of the labour and parts, so you will be confident you are aware of the work that needs to be done. As well as identifying any essential repair work, the mechanic will also advise you if they identify any preventative work that needs to be done. This can be extremely re-assuring as it might not only prevent a breakdown in the future, but also can sometimes save you money in the long run by resolving an issue early before it becomes an expensive repair.

Peterson Auto and Truck provides a huge list of services and as well as having the confidence that their work is completed by an ASE certified mechanic, they also guarantee to use only high quality parts and materials. 

Amongst the list of services they offer, they are proud of their status as the leading brake centre in the area. As well as offering a brake replacement service, they will check that you brakes are working correctly. The brake system is one of the most important components of your vehicle and making sure that it is operating properly will reduce the risk of a brake system malfunction which could lead to a serious accident.

If your fault or repair is in relation the transmission on the vehicle, Peterson Auto and Truck has transmission specialists who can diagnose the problem swiftly and advise on the correct repair, keeping your repair bill as low as possible. Since AC is vital in your vehicle in the hot and humid conditions of a Florida summer, you can also be confident in Peterson Auto and Truck AC repair services, not only to repair your system in the event of breakdown or malfunction, but they also offer an AC maintenance service, giving you peace of mind that you might be preventing future AC breakdown.

No matter what vehicle you drive or the size or complexity of your repair, Peterson Auto and Truck are one of the most trusted auto repair shops in the area and you are guaranteed to receive a quality service, but trusted and certified mechanics at prices that shouldn’t break the bank.

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