Repetto's Eau du Toillete Finally Hitting Shelves


Image from Repetto

It's been two long years of waiting, but Repetto's ballerina inspired fragrance will finally be hitting shelves. Fusing cherry tree, pear and flowers to create an amazing floral fragrance topped off with vanilla pod and amber wood. It sounds absolutely seductive, and on July 1st the world will finally get its first real whiff.


Announced at the end of 2011, the first fragrance by Repetto will be in stores on Monday, July 1. This precious scent is inspired by the movements, curves and elegance of ballerinas.


After revealing its first ready-to-wear collection in 2012, the brand -- originally specialized in ballet shoes -- is releasing this fragrance created by nose Olivier Polge.

The Repetto Eau de Toilette is based on a rose scent, mixed with pear, cherry tree flowers and orange blossom. This floral alliance ends with vanilla pod and a touch of amber wood.
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