'Rich Mans Disease' . . . oh really . . .

Rich Mans Disease

Once upon a time . . . a long, long time ago, Gout was considered by some to be a sign of wealth and affluence, a badge of privilege, a status symbol if you will. Tsk, tsk . . . my how times change.

The Rich Man's Disease . . .

It's quite unfortunate that way back when, they completely bungled the story and lead the world astray about the ravages of gouty arthirits. While the aristocrats of old seemed to be the ones that "enjoyed" the high standing that came along with the excruciating pain, it was not due as much to the fine alcohol and lavish fare on their tables as most believe.

It was due to what was on their tables . . . but not the food and drink itself . . . but what the food and drink was on or in.

The purine rich foods probably didn't help matters, but what really created the condition of gout for these elegant men and women was . . . Lead. It was around those magical times in old England that Lead - the metal substance - was being used to fashion extravagant dinnerware and serving implements.

Ornate platters, flatware, goblets, and vessels were being used to serve the food, drink from, eat with, and eat off of. They had no idea that this practice was causing lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning!

Impaired kidney function is the underlying cause of gout. While the world is distracted (by Big Pharma) with taking pills to control uric acid, gout is simply an over-acidic condition that the kidneys are struggling to manage. The kidneys control the acid/alkaline balance. In days of old, there were many toxic substances that individuals encountered by various means, but "Saturnine Gout" was at the root of how the world has come to know gout as the rich mans disease.

Poisoning by lead is not the only way to create an overly-acidic inner bodily environment. In fact, in the modern world, the dizzying exposure to the endless volume of synthetic substances that are used at every turn to add to what is valued above and beyond everything else - CONVENIENCE - we cannot even escape the toxic onslaught.

Whether it's from the denatured foods and drinks we put in our mouths, to the polluted air we breathe in our cities, or the endless toxic cosmetics and soaps that come in contact with our skin, or even the stress hormones we manufacture by out stressful, busy lives . . . our kidneys cannot balance the pH of our body chemistry without the aid of greater awareness and consciousness of our health.

What is the answer?

Gout, like health in general, is very simply improved by one thing - a correct mindset.

Understanding the order of importance of what the body needs and uses as fuel is the starting point, and it proceeds as follows: Air . . . Water . . . then Food.

Air is first because without oxygen, we die in 5 minutes. Learning to breathe completely, fully, and deeply is of paramount importance when it comes to oxygenating the blood. Well oxygenated blood circumvents acidic accumulation in the blood . . . uric acid accumulation to be specific. Breathe well during the day, avoid gout attacks at night.

Water is next because the human body is 75% water . . . without water, a person dies in 5 days. By the normal channels of respiration, cutaneous elimination, and normal excretion, water is constantly being lost . . . and if properly addressed, changed. A therapeutic amount of water is required every day and the quality of the water is critical.

Food is last because the human body will survive approximately 5 weeks without food. Food should be fresh and "live" - meaning free of chemicals and synthetic substances and full of water or moisture. Dry foods are dead foods. Vegetables and fruits are alkalizing, and protein sources, like meats and legumes, are more acidic. The human body needs roughly 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acidic.

Stress and the damaging effects of acidic stress hormones can be managed and counteracted by careful and conscious use of the breath and installing the favorable habits of Thankfulness and Gratitude - the human mind cannot process anger, frustration, and anxiety while it is engaged in thoughts and emotions of gratitude.

About the author

After living through the pain of hundreds of gout attacks in nearly every joint in his body, three surgeries for Tophi on his hands and feet, and after conducting thousands of hours of study and research about the devilish and elusive manifestation of gout, Bert Middleton has come to understand gout treatment from a unique, no-nonsense, and effective point of view.

Bert is the author of the Kill Your Gout NOW! Handbook – The Ultimate Handbook for How To TERMINATE GOUT PAIN in 2 – 4 Hours.


I've had 100s of gout attacks - in all the major joints of my body. I've had 3 separate surgeries of Tophi - in 4 of the fingers of my right hand, 2 on my left, and 1 of the toes on my right foot. I know gout pain . . . and I know your pain . . . and I can make your pain disappear and not come back. ...(Read More)

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