Ridiculous Photoshopping from 2012

Vogue China

2012 saw some pretty insane attempts to fool the public through Photoshopping; missing limbs, super-obvious airbrushing and even a horse with no body made the list of ridiculous fashion shoots this year. With the rigorous editing that these big-name magazines go through, it's pretty astonishing that this kind of stuff happens at all.


No one was safe from the Photoshop monster this year — not celebs, not models, not Kate Middleton, certainly not the Kardashians, and bizarrely, not even animals.

From magazine covers to editorials to ad campaigns, art teams got a little carried away with digital post-production. Some blunders were pretty hilarious, like when a French clothing brand inadvertently showcased a nude dude in a childrenswear ad, while some were just unnecessary, like when Ikea removed all the women in its Saudi Arabian catalog. Read More and Check Out the Ridiculous Photoshops

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