Riding the Beyonce Tidal Wave


Since Beyonce was found to have lip-synced the Star Spangled Banner, some pretty harsh criticism has been thrown her way. However, as strong as she is, she's rebounding remarkably and will be gracing the March cover of the fashion magazine Vogue.

Has there ever been a steeper, stranger, more rollicking two-week roller coaster in American pop-cultural life than the one Beyoncé Knowles rode from the middle of January (not long after I interviewed her for Vogue) into early February? The craziness started, of course, with that national anthem on the Capitol steps; Beyoncé’s soaring rendition was lavishly praised at first, but then it was revealed to have been sung to a prerecorded track. The resulting uproar was noisy and blustery and as close to a scandal as Beyoncé had experienced in her life; for an artist accustomed to controlling the narrative, it was unfamiliar, awkward territory. Read More

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