Rihanna Flashes Naughty Bits To Audiences in Istanbul

Rihanna's Istanbul Flash


Alright, if they're lining up for a Rihanna concert, they're probably not hyper-conservative muslims, but Istanbul is still very much an Islamic city with Islamic sensabilities. One must wonder if Rihanna's recent stage costume, a bold and daring black ensemble to western eyes and complete with crotch-exposing bottoms, was really appropriate for Istanbul. Of course, Riri's not one to let anyone tell her what to wear, so it's no surprise. Let's just hope it's well received.


In a not-so-rare moment for the often boldly dressed singer, Rihanna recently flashed the crowd her private parts onstage in Istanbul, Turkey.


The 25-year-old singer is definitely not camera shy. Known for her raunchy Instagram posts and fashion-forward style, she certainly knows how to captivate her audience. (Read More)


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