Rihanna's Classy, Glamorous Tuxedo Dress

Rihanna's Classy, Sexy Dress


I really don't care if it took three extra hours or three days for Rihanna to arrive, it would be a wait well worth it to see the gorgeous star in couture that perfect. From hair tip to toe, Rihanna looked absolutely glamorous, and the combination of black boots with the all-white tuxedo dress was almost too much to handle. Rihanna is known for her sexy outfits, but this is unyielding appeal with class, and it's a look she needs to dawn more often.

Rihanna went some way towards placating the fans she kept waiting for more than three hours with a storming show in Monaco on Wednesday evening.


The Bajan star enraged fans in the French Principality by rocking up for a relatively low-key gig at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino, where she was scheduled to entertain patrons while they ate their dinner.

Having arrived in France following a show in Austrian capital Vienna on Tuesday, Rihanna looked washed out as she crossed the airport terminal with her hoodie pulled over her head and a large towel draped across her shoulders.
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