Rihanna's Rockin' Black Crop-Top

Rihanna and Lawrence


Whilst surrounded by the hottest haute couture of the year in Paris, Rihanna was no slouch with her own impressive ensemble. Looking gorgeous in a teensy, black crop-top and a chic, white bottom, Rihanna could easily compare with any of the fashion marching down the catwalk, and she knew it!

The iconic trend setter is known for making bold risks when it comes to fashion. She was seen for the second time wearing the hot, black bralette style crop top in Paris on July 1. Rihanna, 25, was strutting her stuff in Paris last night in her favorite top. Always looking phenomenal, the star took a risk and wore the same top twice — but it’s okay, because she paired it with a different bottom and ultimately dawned a more ‘upscale’ look. Which bottoms do you prefer with the crop top? (Read More)

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