Rock Royalty Guitars presents the Diamond Encrusted Gibson Les Paul for $175,000
By: Yash Desai   |    Founder | Whiz Media
March 6, 2012   |   1 Comments

When we wrote about the Midnight Opulence Guitar , we mentioned that it was being touted by the most expensive guitar in certain sections of the press. We mentioned a few other expensive guitars as well as the most expensive ones in that post. What we did not expect was a comment from David King of King Jewelers and Rock Royalty.

Having had our curiosity piqued, we asked Mr. King to provide details of the contender. We thought he might be referring to the $85,000 Kaged Alligator Guitar that we had written about last year, but apparently Rock Royalty has one better.

The one of a kind Gibson Les Paul Guitar has a painted black body with a white trim. It has four handmade rock royalty volume knobs with 24.56 carats total black & white diamonds set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium and handmade 22 karat yellow gold rims. The Gibson is further embellished with a handmade selector switch containing 2.01carats black & white diamonds set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium & a 22 karat yellow gold rim; not to mention six handmade tuning keys with 17.52 carats of black & white diamonds set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium.

Rock Royalty isnt done just yet, they also included a custom handmade rock royalty pick guard in sterling silver with hand-painted black enamel and hand-applied 22 karat gold border featuring a skeletonized Rock Royalty 1/1 logo in 22 karat yellow gold set with 2.08 carats white diamonds.

The Rock Royalty Custom Gibson Les Paul tallies up to a total of 2,229 stones (46.17 carats in weight) of which 764 stones are white diamonds and 1,465 stones are black diamonds.

The only one of a kind in the world, the Gibson Les Paul is available for $175,000 from Rock Royalty Guitars.

This article was originally written on The Rich Times ; to view in its entirety with images, click here.

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