Senior dating: Between the sheets

Increasing numbers of people are finding themselves in their later years and looking for companionship. The rise of internet dating, which is now an industry in the UK worth £170 million, is attracting more and more older people, whose circumstances have left them looking for companionship in later years. Part of these new relationships is sex. As newspapers are reporting increasing outbreaks of infection among older people, now is the best time to learn how to have fun while staying safe.

The background

According to the statistics, older people received their sexual education at a time when the worst thing that was known to happen from sexual encounters was an unwanted pregnancy. In later life, pregnancy is no longer an issue. Both male and female fertility is dramatically reduced in old age. Many senior citizens are therefore feeling free to have sex without risk, because pregnancy is not an issue.  Unfortunately, this fails to take into account the other consequences of unprotected sexual contact -infection. With outbreaks on the rise, it is important to be aware of the possibility of contracting one of these unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases.

Playing safe

Ultimately, the best way to have safe, enjoyable sexual encounters is to use appropriate protection – the condom – no matter your age. Some older males have stated their dislike for the sensation, but this is often based on experiences of condoms in their youth. Modern condoms are incredibly thin, designed to have minimal impact on the pleasure of the experience. Others have nodules and ribbing which can enhance the enjoyment for both parties, as well as lubrication which can be helpful. 

Changing bodies

For some people, renewing their interest in sex later in life means rediscovering their physical body. Age does change people's shapes, meaning that some men and women have new insecurities and changed physical reactions to sensations. In older women, it is common to find that lengthier foreplay is required to allow the body to become properly ready. Older men often find they can't sustain an erection for as long as in their youth, or that it takes longer to become aroused. Both of these differences can be overcome with patience and understanding that sex is different in later life, but that doesn't mean it's worse.

Finding partners

Whether looking for companionship and friendship, with or without a sexual partnership, or a full romantic relationship and all that it involves, there are several options available. There are dating websites designed for older people, on which single men and women can be introduced to pursue connections. Click here for an example of one such site. Others attend social gatherings with renewed confidence, looking for potential partners. The small ads in the newspaper can also be interesting. Wherever you decide to look for friendship and more, remember to be safe and to enjoy the opportunities available in later life. Exploring physical relationships when in the senior years of life can be just as exciting as in your youth, with new sensations and relationships to try.




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