Rolling Stones' '50 and Counting Tour' Kicks Off

The Rolling Stones

The hilariously and ironically titled '50 & Counting' tour has kicked off in London, and it will be heading to the United States in December. By the way, it's hilarious and ironic because Mick Jagger so famously said (quite a few decades ago) that, "I'd rather be dead than playing 'Satisfaction' when I'm 45." 


Cresting a virtual tidal wave of publicity, the Rolling Stones kicked off their 50 & Counting tour Sunday night in London with a 2 1/2-hour concert that pulled from throughout the band's half-century career and included guest appearances by Mary J. Blige, Jeff Beck and ex-Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

Early reviews of the show -- which revisits the O2 Arena on Thursday before heading to Brooklyn and New Jersey next month -- describe a spectacle somewhat smaller than what the group has brought to arenas in the past. Read More


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