Rooms That Will Add Value to Your House

Few of us are 100% satisfied with our homes and for most people there are areas on the to do list. Time isn’t the only constraint we face when it comes to home improvement; there is also the bank balance to consider. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to add real value to your home; the key is to understand which projects will offer the most return.


Adding extra space to your property is one way to increase value when you put it on the market. The first step to make sure you turn a profit is to research what similar houses in your area have sold for. If you can identify which ones went for a higher price, and what attributes made the difference, then you’re in a good position to emulate this success.

The other thing to bear in mind is that when you do add extra rooms to your house, you also need to allow resource to decorate them. Simple, neutral colours that will appeal to most people are fundamental when thinking about selling your home. You should also invest in quality fixtures and fittings to impress potential buyers. Online stores such as are a great place to browse an extensive range of finishing touches that will make all the difference.


Loft conversions

Although there are no guarantees, an expert report from estate agents Savills suggest that loft conversions can add up to 15 percent to the selling price of a property. Shop around and seek personal recommendations to find the right (and a reasonably priced) builder. Once you’ve got all the facts and figures you’re in a better position to evaluate whether a project like this is something you feel comfortable undertaking and will actually make you money in the long run.



A common pitfall to avoid with a conservatory is the ‘tacked-on’ look. You want a conservatory design that flows from the main house on the outside and the inside.

Experts estimate that a conservatory can add somewhere between five to seven percent to the value of a home. It’s one to consider, but as with all extensions you need to do your homework first.


Basement conversions

A basement conversion can be one of the most expensive ways to add useable space to your home. Roughly, you need to allow for a cost of around £200 per sq foot to dig, and a further £100 per sq foot to fit out. Your home needs to be in an area where this kind of £300 a sq foot investment is going to pay off. London boroughs like Kensington won’t struggle to secure this kind of return because house values typically exceed this. A basement conversion is a complex project requiring specialists and you’ll probably need to move out while work is completed.


Garden rooms

A nicely presented garden can add as much as 20% to the value of your home, according to an article in The Telegraph, which cites research conducted by County Homesearch. This is worth bearing in mind when considering building into your garden. Nevertheless an attractive garden room can be a great alternative to a conservatory – additional space but without the separation from the rest of the house. A garden room is part of the structure of your home and is likely to be better insulated than a conservatory making it easier to heat and keep warm. There are lots of building regs to comply with, but you will end up with a truly liveable space, whatever the weather.

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