Rumor: Katie Holmes first-ever Face for Bobbi Brown

Courtesy Huffington Post

Rumor: Katie Holmes first-ever Face for Bobbi Brown



Ever since her divorce, Katie Homes is all over the map and emerging in the fashion industry. We could not be more thrilled to see our actress-designer favorite make an amzing come back into our lives. Let’s see, she has a new fashion line, was on the Elle Cover, presented her Holmes & Yang collection at her very first NYFW runway show and now she is reportedly the new face for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Scratch that, first celebrity brand ambassador ever.


So WWD broke the news, but it’s looking more and more that the rumor is in fact true. And to be honest, what would be a better collaboration than Holmes and Bobbi Brown? Holmes is already a polished beauty having posed for ad campaigns for retailer Ann Taylor and designer Miu Miu and not to mention she has flawless skin, intriguing smile and eyes to tie it all together. Bobbi Brown represents natural beauty and with Holmes, that’s exactly what the brand will get.

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