Runway Vs. Swimsuit Models

Victoria's Secret

Ah, the eternal debate over people's subjective opinions. Either way, this is an interesting discussion, considering the swimsuit models have come out swinging at the catwalkers. Which type of fashion model do you prefer, elegant and wearing high fashion or curvy and rockin' a bikini?


Last night at the Manhattan launch party for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, the models seemed somewhat relieved to be escaping New York Fashion Week with a planned flight to Las Vegas right after the party.

"I’ve never been a runway model in my life, I'm too short!" said Nina Agdal, who is five foot nine (blowing kisses above). She explained that her genetic gifts are elsewhere. "I have my boobs. I have my butt."

"Not everyone’s modeling career is the same, and you have those girls who do runway shows and high fashion, and that’s not the path my career has taken," said Jessica Perez, also five foot nine. Read More

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