Russian Luxury Fashion Designers Proving Their Merit

Vika Gazinskaya

It seems that the cold, bleak imagery out of Russia has come to a halt and the country's fashion industry is coming out with some really hot styles. With numerous notable fashion designers releasing some significant additions to modern fashion, it shouldn't be long before they can really break into foreign markets and show the world that they can compete in the upper echelons.


It is midday at Le Meurice hotel in Paris and Vika Gazinskaya is ignoring me. I am late for our appointment after a mix-up over locations, and the Russian designer is distinctly unamused. 'I have a lot of people to meet today,' she tells me, violet eyes staring out from beneath a poker-straight fringe. She is startlingly pretty, her face softer than it looks on myriad street-style blog posts, but the Slavic stare says it all: this is a woman not to be crossed. Read More

Michael P.

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