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The dynamics of the world is constantly on the move. Be it technology or humanity, everything is enslaved by the changes. Similarly, the trends of fashion are going under serious transformation too. There used to be days when a man dressed in a dirty ruff and tuff jacket used to be considered as the ultimate style icon. However, mindsets have changed. Now, jackets are associated with glamour and glitz. Though most of the designers are reluctant to step out of the box and design supreme pieces of fashion wear that break the clutter, some designers are gutsy enough to bring out something different and unique.

The designers of the movies have realized too that they need to provide the characters with jackets that accentuate the personality with an exemplary style statement. Only those superstars that are able to be distinct in their apparel are classified as stylish. One movie that exhibited such superstar was drive. Ryan Gosling sported pieces of sheer wonder in the movie and proved to the audiences that jackets can be angelic and classy. We love our customers with the core of our heart and; therefore, it is our responsibility to generate a piece inspired from the amazing style statement of Ryan Gosling in the movie. Therefore, we present to you, the Drive Scorpion Jacket.

The designer believed that using ordinary leather in this prestigious jacket would definitely be unjustified. Therefore after much research he chose a wonderful fabric known as ivory diamond satin. The fabric is the base of jackets charm and plays a vital role in giving it a powerful impact. The designer was very well aware of the intricacies required in designing this masterpiece; therefore he quilted the fabric and brought into play delicate stitching. These features add a magical attraction to the jacket.

The designer realized that the jacket needs something that allows it to fit in the carrier completely and perfectly. Therefore, he invited ribbed knitting and used it in cuffs and the sleeves. This knitting did the job of providing a wonderful contrast to the jacket too, making the overall look of the jacket supreme. The designer had to meet the challenge of giving the Ryan Gosling Jacket a zipper that was in coherence with the prestige of the jacket. He hits the bull’s eye by giving a gold zipper to the jacket.

The feature of the jacket that makes it extremely urbane and modish are the scorpion imprint on the back of the jacket. The gold embroidery use in making this imprint represents the desire for perfection. The scorpion is a true symbol of finesse and elegance of the jacket. When the designer felt there was still something missing in the jacket, he gave a stylish silver snap on the collar of the jacket. This snap certainly is eye catching and innovative. The designer does not forget your comfort at all and; therefore, provides you with welt pockets so that you can carry your belongings with ease.

Without a doubt, the drive scorpion Ryan Gosling jacket is a breakthrough piece of apparel in the world of fashion. This jacket is never going to let you down wherever you carry it. So all those people who are craving to look completely divine this season, the jacket is ready to fulfill their desires.

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