Saint International Fashion Block Presents Unique Styles

Cesar Galindo's... Very Unique Piece

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Alright, I get it. It's not really western, but rather a fusion of eastern and African, and that's okay... but it looks ridiculous, and that isn't. Presenting a bizzarre assortment of exotic and downright absurd luxury apparel, the Saint International Fashion Block fashion exhibition was less than lackluster and a whole lot more than appaling.


Most of the usually busy Knutsford Boulevard was closed to accommodate what was expected to be an exciting fashion event. However, until Reve took the stage, most of the designs seemed average. Although known for its jewellery line, Reve put on an impressive show with designs made from playing cards. There were dresses and tops made of the deck's royalty and all four suits.


Whereas the aim was to show off women's wear, Reve also paired outfits with statement necklaces and earrings.


Prior to Reve, the final collection for the night, the event started an hour later than the scheduled 9 p.m. Host Jerry D, in grey shorts and a pink shirt, strutted to Sexy And I Know It before introducing T&T Fashion. (Read More)

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