San Diego's Beautiful Outdoor Ice Skating

via NBC Los Angeles

A number of locations around San Diego are opening up this month to give locals and travelers the rare opportunity to experience fun on the ice in such a sunny city. Some of the more notable rinks include Horton Plaza and Viejas Casino.


MOVIE DATE: When we hear the words "movie date," our mind first springs to the concept of meeting someone to watch a film, then maybe grabbing dinner after the credits. But then we begin to consider movie dates, as in dates we see in the movies. Carnivals are popular for movie dates -- the protagonist always wins his sweetheart the biggest stuffed bear on the midway -- as is that perennial winter favorite, the ice skate date. The cuddling, the holding of hands, the scooping up of a boyfriend when he skids out is all pretty dang awww-worthy, and hence why screenwriters so often incorporate ice rinks in romcoms. But we, as non-living-in-a-movie-world people, don't turn to the rink that often to stir romance. Read More

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