Sanitize Your Lipstick

Antonios Mitsopoulos/Flickr

While, from what I understand, most women already sanitize lipsticks before trying them on at the makeup counter but, after reading this piece over at Beautylish, I can't imagine that many women clean their lipsticks very often. These beauty tips should be well heeded to keep your lips clean and avoid prolonging your own personal cold and flu season.


If you’re a makeup artist, you know to clean your lipstick between customers. When you’re shopping for the perfect shade, you wouldn’t dream of swiping it on without sanitizing. But what if you’re the only one who uses your lipsticks? Cold season is looming, you know. Even if you are the only one primping, it may be a good idea to disinfect your tubes from time to time.


Try an alcohol bath for your lipstick case.70% alcohol is concentrated enough to kill bacteria, and won’t evaporate as quickly as higher concentrations. Read More

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