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Sao Paulo Desperately Needs Bicycle Safety Measures

Learning about fixing bikes

Jason Margolis

Due to its insane traffic, the most efficient way to get around Sao Paulo is actually via bicycling. However, due to the insanity of the traffic causing serious danger risks to the city's bicyclists, most people would prefer to sit in traffic for far too long than take the risk of getting gravely injured.

S?o Paulo is a tough place to get around. The city of 11 million ó South Americaís largest ó has notorious traffic.

Rush hour traffic jams can clog up more than 180 miles of road across the city on a bad day.

There is one quick way to navigate the streets of S?o Paulo though: ride a bike. Problem is, you put your life at risk when you do.

Hereís a quick comparison. Last year, 18 cyclists were killed in New York City. 14 were killed in London. In the city of S?o Paulo, there were 52 reported cycling deaths.

So I approached a bike ride in S?o Paulo with a bit of trepidation. I went for a short ride with Andre Campos and Daniel Santini, two young cycling advocates. They both said, donít worry, biking here isnít so bad.

Michael P.

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